Postcards from Thailand - Second Destination

(Postcards from Thailand, limited edition, signed and numbered)

Hi everyone,

I had a great and creative time in Sarajevo. It has been a mix of work, pleasure and new experience in terms of getting a collaborative idea out the door working with a journalist I never met before. 
We plan to present our results in September, but I hope to start displaying Sarajevo photos around mid-August. So please be patient with me.

While I set high standards in the Sarajevo project, Thailand will be just for vacation.

This time, I want to send you my second postcard of 36x36x36 from Thailand. 
I will send 36 postcards with a personal message, signed and numbered.
If you would like to get one, please send me your address to within 3 days. 
Please keep in mind, first come, first serve, so try to be quick, as I offer only 36 postcards.

The initial idea of 36x36x36 goes back to two postcards I received in May 2014. see more ...

Thank you & Vielen Dank.

Lisbon 2013  ©   Miri Berlin Photography

Lisbon 2013 © Miri Berlin Photography