Postcards from Sarajevo

Hi everyone,

Sarajevo 2014  ©   Miri Berlin Photography

Sarajevo 2014 © Miri Berlin Photography

all of the Sarajevo postcards were mailed yesterday and should soon arrive to your house. Thanks a lot for getting in touch with me. I really appreciate it.
I have learned from this experience that it is not a good idea to write all the postcards on one day; that it is important to have a good pen and that next time I should check the space on the back of the postcard.

When I announced my postcard idea in May, I had only done very rudimentary planning. 
All I knew at that time was that my 'Postcard from Sarajevo' is the beginning of something.

I have now come up with '36x36x36 - A postcard from me to you' as official title for this project.

36x36x36 means 36 postcards from 36 places 36 times.
Whenever I leave Berlin longer than one week I would like to send you a postcard from that place.
As you can imagine 36 places (not necessarily different places) can take a while, surely some years. The postcard idea becomes a journey itself, so to speak.

I also plan to take a photo of every post office I have entered for sending the postcards to you. If possible, I will try to provide some information about the buildings as well. 

If you like to become a part of this experience, follow me for updates on my Blog, on Twitter or on Flickr. As soon as I post a new limited edition of 36x36x36, and you wish to get one postcard, all you need to do is to send me your address within 3 days after the announcement. 
Please keep in mind, first come, first serve, so try to be quick, as I offer only 36 postcards (limited edition, signed and numbered)

The initial idea of 36x36x36 goes back to two postcards I received in May 2014. see more ...