Something special - A postcard from me to you - Sarajevo Postcard Project

(A postcard from Sarajevo, limited edition, signed and numbered)


Last month I received two postcards from a friend. The first one arrived totally unexpected. 
I starred at the postcard image and the handwriting for a while. Turning it from one side to the other several times. There's something nostalgic about holding a postcard in your hand.
I felt very happy and thanked him for the dedication.
Shortly after, he sent me a second postcard, a photo shot by the great photographer Vivian Maier from an exhibition he visited at Château de Tours in France.
When it comes to photography, whether analogue or digital, I always feel there is something missing if the images are only relegated to the computer screen. The print, at least for me, is a big issue which can't be matched with pixels on a screen.

Well, getting these two postcards I realised again that it must have been a while since I have sent postcards myself.

To make a long story short: I will be in Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina, soon.
I have no idea what kind of postcards I will find there. All I know is that I want to send you a postcard from Sarajevo. I will send 36 postcards with a personal message, signed and numbered.
If you would like to get one, please send me your address to as soon as possible (First come, first serve).
Thank you.


Noch nie ist die deutsche Übersetzung so 'knapp ausgefallen'.
Ich fliege bald nach Sarajevo, und werde 36 Postkarten (limitierte Auflage, nummeriert & signiert) verschicken. Ich weiss nicht welche Postkarten ich vor Ort finden werde, aber einer dieser Postkarten kann an Dich gehen, wenn Du mir Deine Adresse so schnell wie möglich mitteilst. 

I received a postcard from France: Photographer: Vivan Maier - Sans titre, 1953

I received a postcard from France: Photographer: Vivan Maier - Sans titre, 1953

+++++++ UPDATE June 9, 2014 +++++++

As I already have 36 recipients for the postcards now, please do not send me anymore requests.
Thanks so much for your interest. Vielen Dank für das Interesse.