Postcards from Lisbon - Destination Nr. 4

Hi Everyone,
it's mail time and as some of you may already know, this means that I will send out 36 postcards with a personal message, signed and numbered. This time from Lisbon.

As I have been to Lisbon a couple of times before, I could actually just send you postcards with some of the photos I have taken there in the past. Yet, the entire idea behind my 36x36x36 postcard project is to see what kind of postcards I can find there, and send you the best that catch my eye. Not an easy task, but one I enjoy.

If you too would like to receive a postcard, all you need to do is to provide me with your address. But keep in mind: First come, first serve. So you better be quick.

The initial idea of my 36x36x36 postcard project dates back to two postcards I received in May 2014.  See more

Thank you & vielen Dank

Portugal 2013  ©   Miri Berlin Photography

Portugal 2013 © Miri Berlin Photography